United States. Army. Western Defense Command and Fourth Army. Final Report, Japanese Evacuation from the West Coast, 1942.
Washington 1943, p. 262

Topaz (Central Utah)
Millard County, Utah





Engineering Plans & Maps




The Topaz Relocation Center, also briefly known as the Central Utah Relocation Center and the Abraham Relocation Center. Topaz, which was administered by the War Relocation Authority, was located in Topaz, Utah, in Millard County, four miles northwest of the town of Delta, 140 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. The U.S. government bundled property by buying from public and private entities; water rights were bought but disputed over the life of the concentration camp. Construction did not begin until early July 1942; the center was opened on September 11, 1942. It was laid out according to the U.S. military standard plot plan, yet, like all the concentration camps, significantly enlivened by the occupants and their buildings. The main camp contained 46 residential blocks in addition to administrative, industrial, staff housing, and military police buildings. Reaching a maximum population of 8,130 prisoners, Topaz closed on October 31, 1945.