Topographical Map, 1959. Seagoville, Texas. United States Geological Survey. Courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas Libraries.


Seagoville, Texas




Seagoville Internment Camp (U.S. government name) was formerly a female correctional facility constructed in 1940. In April 1942, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) took control. Many internees at Seagoville were Japanese and Germans deported from Latin America to the United States. A small number of Italian nationals were also among the total population of 700. Many were females and married couples without children, while men were sent to Camp Kenedy, and families with children were sent to Crystal City.

Many of the female internees were classified as “voluntary,” but they were women whose husbands had been interned and in the face of poverty in Latin America decided to join their husbands in the United States.

The camp’s population changed often as a result of repatriation to Germany and Japan.

Seagoville closed in 1945. Any remaining were transferred to Crystal City. The site is now a Federal Correctional Institute.


Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War 2 Japanese American Relocation Sites