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Antique Japanese Sword Exhibition!
2-day Antique Japanese sword exhibtion by the San Francisco Nipponto Society in the NJAHS Peace Gallery April 10 and 11th from 12p - 4p

Antique Japanese Sword Exhibition!

As part of NJAHS Cherry Blossom Festival activities, the San Francisco Nipponto (Japanese Sword) Society will be exhibiting the following antique artifacts under the direction of Harunaka Hoshino ( Approximately 30 items ):
1. A 1,000-year old Tachi sword
2. A 750-year old Ko-dachi sword
3. A 620-year old No-dachi sword
4. Kashu Kaga Clan's Kiyomitsu Wakizashi
5. The biggest Tanegashima musket gun in the US
6. A recently polished Kanbun Era ( 1661 - 1673 ) Wakizashi
7. 24-inch long Yari ( Spear tip ) made in the early 17th Centrury
8. The 3rd longest spear tip in the world ! A 450-year old spear tip is 36 inches long !
& much much more !

This Japanese sword exhibition is very educational and informative !! Admission is free!

About the San Francisco Nipponto Society - Nobody should get into Japanese sword collecting activity without learning from the San Francisco Nipponto Society ( SFNS ). The SFNS will educate its members on how to appraise Japanese swords properly and teaches them how to spot flaws and blemishes in the Japanese swords.

The SF Sword Society offers the weekly and monthly sword study classes at our Dojo ( Martial Art School ) in San Francisco. The classes include the Japanese history, language, Samurai diet, Ninja diet, cancer prevention diet & Shiatsu ( Japanese acupressure massage ).

We also instruct various Japanese sword restoration skills as job training.

You can contact us directly at SFShinken@att.net